Literary St Ives!

Hi Everyone, I can’t begin to tell you about all the authors who
currently or very recently have written books which include settings from St
Ives as I am constantly surprised when reading to suddenly come across some
little snippet. For those of you who have already visited St Ives you will know
how inspirational the place is both for artists and writers. Anyone who hasn’t
visited come on down!
Anyway Literature. Firstly of course Virginia Woolf stayed here every
summer of her childhood and visited many times as an adult. Her book ‘To the
Lighthouse’ is based on Godrevy Lighthouse. Marion Whybrow a local author has
written a lovely book about Vanessa Bell and Virginia in St Ives ‘ Remembering
St Ives’ Sadly out of print but you can read it in the St Ives library. Pick up
any of Virginia’s books and you will find wonderful painterly descriptions of
St Ives especially in The Waves.
And now for some other authors.
Cyril Noall ‘A book of St Ives’  Cyril was THE HISTORIAN for St Ives. A great
way of finding out more about our historical past – new paperback edition currently for sale in St Ives Library
Ann Kelley The Bower Bird. Ann won the Costa Children’s Book Award but
this Gussie series is a must read for all ages.
Herbert Read Contemporary British Art Well St Ives has many many writers
on art and Herbert Read was THE CRIITC around the 1950s. Read this or any of
his books for insights into the art and artists of the time written from the
Patrick Heron Artist and Art Critic
Leslie Stephens Virginia Woolf’s father who was the instigator of the
National Dictionary of Biography which is still an amazing resource
Compton Mckenzie My Life and Times Octave 4, Whisky Galore, Carnival He
lived in Hayle in his 20s and wrote plays for the locals to act out in the St
Ives Arts Club
Jessica Mann Godrevy Light. What a LOVELY book and Jessica also writes
crime fiction.
Philip Moran Soggy the Bear. Soggy lives in St Ives! Illustrated by
Michael Foreman. Worth buying a copy for the amazing illustrations of St Ives
Norman Levine One Way Ticket. Norman was a Canadian who lived in St Ives
and his book and stories tell of a time past. The library has a collection kept
behind glass but you can ask to read the books.
Guy Thorne Portalone. An Edwardian bestselling novelist. Read Portalone
and see St Ives as it was
Michael Morpurgo Dolphin Boy set in St Ives with illustrations by
Michael Foreman,. MM is the author of the famous War Horse
David Tovey—St Ives Artists books
Sven Berlin The Dark Monarch This booked was BANNED!!!!
Daphne du Maurier – she did visit St Ives!
Denis Val Baker The Seas in the Kitchen, Britains Art Colony by the Sea
– wonderful stories of a family coming to live in St Ives and Penzance 50s
W S Graham Nightfishing WONDERFUL POET
D H Lawrence Kangaro written partly when he lived in Zennor during the
1st World War. Sadly he and his German wife were drummed out of Cornwall.
Helen Dunmore Zennor in Darkness about the above and also some other
wonderful books many set in St Ives. Adult and Children’s books.
Teen/Childrens Writers
Chris Higgins
Liz Kessler
More Art Writers (There are many more than this!)
Michael Bird
Virginia Button
Tom Cross
and lastly the below
Suzanne Griffith Stitching for Victory. A local author.  Sounds  an unusual subject  but the most brilliant book if you are
interested in the social history of WW2

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