Visiting Tate St Ives and other galleries

Remember the Tate closes 3 times a year for  nearly two weeks to rehang . Always check if you are planning to specifically come to view the Tate St Ives – don’t be disappointed.

The Barbara Hepworth Museum is always open and what a delight that is.  And remember we now have the wonderfully revamped Leach Pottery. Also why not go to  the Penlee House Gallery in Penzance which is filled with wonderful Newlyn School Paintings, has a delightful little museum and wonderful tearooms!

You can buy a joint admission to the Tate and Hepworth but there are also Art Passes available which cover all the above  and more  enabling you to pop in again and again while you are in the area.

People sometimes say to me that it is hard to know which other galleries to go to in St Ives. There are so many! If you pop into any gallery you can pick up the handy Gallery Guide which covers most of the galleries in St Ives and has a sort of map on the back. Remember the St Ives Arts Club founded in 1890 has exhibitions of current member’s art work.  Also  do visit The St Ives Society of Artists which is where the artists of St Ives first exhibited as also The Penwith Society of Artists (come on my tour to find out more :)).  Otherwise you need to browse! Don’t miss the back streets and look out for the Millenium Gallery (you can pick up the ‘St Ives Select Arts Guide’ from them), Wills Lane, The New Craftsman, The Belgrave, Westcotts Gallery which all have amazingly knowlegeable owners and stock some work from the hey days of St Ives Art plus some excellent new discoveries.

And just a reminder the library has some wonderful art works mostly high up where you might not look. Ask them for the laminated sheet. Also an excellent art book collection. You can browse the reference section or if you have your home library ticket you can borrow books while you are down. And that is all books not just the Art ones so you could always read………..hmm better do a blog about the literature in St Ives 🙂


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