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  • Sue Meadows says:

    Fabulous, informative and fun walk with Dawn around St Ives today. Highly recommend!

  • Leigh Brownsword says:

    I’ve been coming to St Ives all my life and learnt more today, in 1.5 hours, than I have in 58 years. Dawn is a great, informative, and entertaining guide. Highly recommend this enlightening tour.

  • Conrad Shail says:

    A great interactive tour. We are glad we decided to go along and join Dawn on her tour of the lanes and landmarks of St Ives. There is so much to learn about this seaside town, and the tour was a great way to wet your appetite for more. We enjoyed every moment, and thoroughly recommend it as an essential part of your visit.

  • Charles says:

    A most enjoyable tour. Dawn told us much about the history of art in St Ives and stories concerning the various artists who have lived in the town over the years. One of the best guided tours we’ve ever had.

  • Eugene says:

    Hi Dawn, thanks very much for the tour of st ives you took us on! Digey, white star line, Hain, smugglers, sheriffs, sardines, st ives’ light and pasties – just about managing to keep about half of the interesting facts in mind!

    All of us really enjoyed the tour! Drop us a mail when you’re next in London!

  • Sally Heavens says:

    Thanks Dawn, really enjoyable. Your obvious enthusiasm for St Ives made it all the more interesting. St Ives and Guinness, who’d have thought it!!

  • Erica Smith says:

    I enjoyed the Wednesday “History of St Ives” walk so much, that I was back the following day for the “Art” walk, both superbly lead by Dawn.

  • Helen says:

    What a wonderful tour, Dawn mixed history and art together which made St Ives really come to life, all the facts were interesting and so relevant to the town. It was well paced and covered enough of the town for a not that fit sort of person!

  • Lorraine Hayes says:

    Hi Dawn,
    Just to thank you for a great little tour of The Art (and history) of St.Ives last Thursday.As we were a group of three it felt very informal and there was time for personal quips and anecdotes! Good to meet you and all the best for the Summer season.

  • Leoni says:

    We had such a great time with you, walking around beautiful St. Ives. Thank you so much!

  • Janice and Bert Clayton says:

    We enjoyed and learned so much on our first tour with Valerie that we signed up for the art tour also, and it was equally rewarding. Valerie makes the art and history of beautiful St. Ives come alive, plus she suggests other significant places to go that cannot be covered in the hour tour. St. Ives has many treasures, but the Guided Tours conducted by Valerie are one of the best. Thank you, Janice and Bert of San Antonio Texas

  • Visitor says:

    Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed the two walking tours that we joined you for last week whilst on holiday in St Ives.
    I thought you did an excellent job and we found both tours full of interest and brought alive by your commentary.

  • Downe House School ART AWARD HOLDERS says:

    Valerie opened our eyes to so much more of this interesting little town and we hearilty recommend one of her tours. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, very responsive, very thoughtful and St Ives should be very very proud of her.

  • Chris says:

    Well what can we say

    Tim was brilliant, superb and gave excellent value for money with the walk lasting almost two hours (Andrew was the same)

    Tim obviously has a love of St Ives which is apparent as he talks and his enthusiasm is catching. He has excellent knowledge and the talk is packed with history which is presented in a clear logical manner from the outset. He manages to mix fact with legend and mixes it with his own family anecdotes. This along with his sense of humour makes him and the walk a pleasure.
    Everyone enjoyed the experience

    A 5 star experience


  • Tom Hill says:

    I enjoyed the tour very much I learnt lots of new things about St Ives.

  • Cassandra says:

    This tour was just great! I’d been to St Ives twice before, but it was so much more interesting to learn about the history as I walked around. Very friendly group and lots of fun. Would highly recommend this to anyone.

  • Sally Mccoy says:

    We did the St. Ives tour and the art tour. Both were informative and gave us a good sense of the history and art of St. Ives. Bravo to Valerie. We’ll do them again when we return.

  • Viv says:

    Definitely recommend the tours to all – you will find out all sorts! All the best for the rest of the season Valerie and keep fending off the torrents of rain and seagulls.

  • Irina says:

    Well done, Valerie,
    I am tempted to come again!
    Best wishes from Moscow,

  • guest says:

    Thanks again for an excellent tour on Monday; we learned lots of new and surprising things about St.Ives, even though I lived here for 10 years as a teenager.

  • guest says:

    It was a most enjoyable hour-and-a-half and as that had been my first visit to St Ives it gave a great insight into the history and meaning of art in the town.

  • guest says:

    very informative, fun and easy walking (my husband was the one bringing up the rear all the time – but even he managed to keep up without exhausting himself!). Especially as we were a little apprehensive initially about him coping with all the hills in St Ives – but you managed to keep us pretty much on the level.

  • guest says:

    I really hope to be able to come back to St Ives again and maybe take advantage of another tour with you.
    Thank you once again.

  • guest says:

    I really enjoyed your talk and your style of delivery. You have sparked my interest in so many artists -those I knew a little about and those I knew nothing about too!

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  • Sue Meadows: Fabulous, informative and fun walk with Dawn around St Ives today. Highly recommend!
  • Leigh Brownsword: I’ve been coming to St Ives all my life and learnt more today, in 1.5 hours,...
  • Conrad Shail: A great interactive tour. We are glad we decided to go along and join Dawn on her...
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