Internet Access/St Ives Library

My internet has been down for a week! Up and running again now thankfully. If you need internet access while you are down here……the library has computers you can use.( It is closed on Sundays and Wednesdays). And while I am talking about the library it is an amazing resource. Wonderful artworks on display including a Hepworth in the entrance foyer. If you have your home library card you can borrow books. There is an excellent art and Cornish History reference section to browse through. Apparently they are getting wireless. And there are often excellent events at the library.

The library now has wifi access (June 10th)

Other places for internet access. Kowabungas in Fore Street has an internet cafe behind the takeaway shop front. Cafe Art has wifi access as does the Western. Please let me know any other places.

The Food Festival was very successful and if anybody belongs to a Womens Institute or such like do book my Food Tour. It went down VERY well!

See you all soon…………………remember if you have done the History and Art Tour and would like something different you can now do the Literary Trail or even book  the Food Tour or indeed anything else that interests you. 🙂 Personalised tours can always be arranged.

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